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Travel photos

Seville, Spain

My art

Why I draw - Drawing and painting is easier for me than writing. Art is where my creativity runs free. Art is an expession of my being that I would not try to put into words and often therapeutic. Art is in me. And sometimes... it has to be let out.

My progression 2001 to 2004


Outdoors - Wildlife, animals, and camping

I love camping, and being outdoors. When I walk among trees, touch the green leaves, or look at an open field, I feel more alive. The outdoors gives me a sense of what it was like living in the past. A time with no buildings around, in the wild, and surviving in the wild.

Conserve when possible. You've heard it before, reduce, reuse, recycle. But really, this is easy. Recycle those plastics and glass. Put cigarette butts and trash into the ash tray, not out your car window. Ride with a friend. Turn off the water while you brush your teeth. Use less electricity. And many more ways. Some of these things not only help the environment, but also the budget. Care for nature, and you (and others) will be taken care of by the consequences.

“In wilderness is the preservation of life.”
- Henry David Thoreau

Photography - Tips, digital effects, and collages

Photographs are like quick paintings. Seeing the shot takes vision and intuition.   Choosing the proper camera settings takes experience and knowledge.  Telling the story behind the photo takes creativity.

Editing the photos on the computer takes it to a whole new level. I do not think it is cheating by using digital effects on the computer because the photo had to look good from the beginning.

I still use the film type camera. Prices for memory sticks are still too high, so don't own a digital camera. Someday I hope to get a digital camcorder that can take digital stills.


Good writings

Quotes and other musings.

Always looking for new insights to life, I like talking to people with different backgrounds and try to broaden my selection of reading to different genres.

These are not my writings. They were collected from email forwards, web surfing sessions, magazines, books, and other places. When possible, I give credit to the source of the writing or quote.




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