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Below you can find some of the work that was done prior to Techborder becoming an LLC.


One aspect of what I have learned from working on projects is collecting resources quickly.  Examples, references, and tutorials are plentiful on the Internet. In completing my projects, I have used the Internet for learning and examples.

Now that I have plenty to contribute, I want to give back. Below are some projects I’ve worked on that could help others in the IT or electronics field.

PUC ITSS Text Utility program, PITU

Programmer: Andrew Marks.
Designer: David Regal.
Language: C# .NET; Decription: Batch merge, change page margins, change font, and print Rich Text Files (RTFs).    Download: PUC ITSS Text Utility program Source: pitu source.

Email converter written in Perl

Author: David Regal
Perl script – converting email addresses from MS Outlook’s format to a new format

Laundry Project written in C#

Keeps track of inventory and customers at a Laundromat.

Author: PUC Software Engineering Team
PUC MyLaundry Application – a working project by our team in Software Engineering.

Practical guide to PUC’s UniData (Colleague) database

Author: dcregal
UniData database manual.

Electrical Engineer Senior Project

Ethernet Card (for a MSX computer)

In order to graduate from UF’s Electrical Engineering BS program, students have to design, test, and fabricate an electronic device. It is not enough to show a working design on paper. In order to get an “A” in the class, the electronic device has to be shown to work. Ours did and even more, our professor was so impressed, I was offered to work at UF’s Computer Networking Research Lab.

Computer Networks

Paper written for class.
VPN Survey and Win2K (IEEE format, MS Word, 371 KB).

VoIP (Voice over IP) – class project

VoIP – Free long distance. Concept of remote call-in system. The PC can be dialed into from any telephone and then, in the other city, the other PC will dial-out to any telephone.

More on VoIP

The VoIP system would provide free long distances calls over the Internet. Not just a computer-to-computer conversation, but a remote call-in system that works from anywhere there is a telephone.