Linux and UNIX school

A great deal of my work experience included Linux and UNIX (*nix). My interest with *nix started at an Internet company in 2000; it continued to develop with my time at Intel, years at UTC Aerospace Systems, and now the work I do for Techborder. I want to share with others my knowledge and love for *nix.


Linux vs. Windows. Which Operating System do I think is better?

Linux cookbook from David Regal.



UNIX User Basics from Uziel at


Computer Networks

DiagramDNS and how Web Pages are found (by David Regal, jpeg format, 65KB)

PaperA Briefer History of the Internet (by David Regal, MS Word format, 25 KB) adapted from History of the Internet.

Note: In all my writings and diagrams, KIS plan (Keep It Simple) has been followed. That is, there may be small details or minor technicalities I have left out.