Linux or Windows?
    No way am I a Linux guru; but I'll share what I know. One thing I've learned is to always take notes. Keep a text file (e.g. commands.txt) for reference with commands you use and a short description of them. A month later, when you may have forgotten that obscure command, you won't have to ask someone or look it up. You will have that text file that is custom made for you. That's how my "Cookbook" started. With Linux, we all benefit by from help one another and can always keep learning.

Linux or Windows? Which OS is better?

For me, I don't pick favorites with operating systems (OS). I just want it to work, and spend less time getting it to work. At home, I use Windows because it is the quicker to set-up new hardware and easier to work with video or sound. Even though I like Linux, I don't want to spent hours at home configuring it.

I use what is appropriate. For example, I developed this website on with a Windows based OS. But after uploading them to the web server, these pages are served to you by Linux based RedHat OS (cheaper hosting). I have to know the web-building and graphics programs in Windows to be effective in designing the site. However, once the files are uploaded, I need to know BASH (the Linux stuff below, Bourne Again SHell) and a text editor (e.g. Pico, Vim) to tweek the files (configure and move files) on the server.

I will not have a Windows help section because compared to Linux, it does not need that much explaining. However, there are links to websites that offer Windows help.