VMware and Komodo Edit display problems on Mac OS X host

I love VMware. I love Komodo Edit.

Why? Komodo Edit is a code editor that works beautifully in Windows, Mac and Linux. There are so many useful and cross-platform features  that amaze me no matter which OS I’m working in. Bottomline, Komodo Edit is solid software and I’m not paid to say it. As a nod, VMware is light and nibble, well worth the price compared to other virtualization software.

Sorry, I spewed a bunch of nerdy jargon. If I’ve lost you, then ignore the rest of this post, or, if you’re an overachiever like me, Google for info and tutorials on hardware virtualization.

Anyways, the problem I often find with Komodo Edit running in Linux VM is crazy display problems. This started happened after upgrading from Ubuntu Linux 12 to 14 LTS on OS X Mavericks.

The main panel will be somewhat messed up with repeating non-sense. E.g.:


A bunch of repeated keywords , Finnish umlauts or other accent marks we don’t use in English. Basically, the display is messed up.

The above screenshot shows a bunch of repeated keywords and Finnish umlauts I don’t use. Crazy! Basically, the Linux display is really messed up.



Slightly move the border between the left frame and main content frame, and Voila, you easily solved  the problem.


Nice job! Take notes because the harder part is to remember the solution. Do you want help with your Dev Op or Sys Admin needs? Contact us at Techborder.


Tech Details:

Komodo Edit (build info version 8.5.4, build 14424, platform linux-x86_64)  in Ubuntu Linux (Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS) with VMware Fusion (7.0.1) on an Mac host ( OS X, Yosemite, 10.10.1) .

Summary: After using dozen of other software solutions, I’m still loving and preaching VMware and ActiveState, so great job brothers and sisters working there!

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One thought on “VMware and Komodo Edit display problems on Mac OS X host

  1. If you’re using an NVIDIA graphics card on the host, another solution for this is to:

    NVIDIA X Server Settings > X Screen 0 > OpenGL Settings > Disable Allow Flipping

    This might have an impact on graphics and gaming performance though.

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